Trimaks Cartography was founded in 2000 in Skopje, Macedonia.

Since then he has been working in the field of cartographic publishing and distribution of printed materials and school aids.

For complete preparation, from idea to product, from product to buyer are engage employees of Trimaks :

Director: Goran Dimitrov, Zvonko Jankovski, Goran Gorgiev.
Marketing: Goran Gorgiev, Goran Dimitrov, Atanas Popovski.
Sale: Kiro Dimitrov, Vanco Spaseski.
Commercial: Aneta Spasovska, Ivana Anakjioska.
Distribution: Igor Velichkovski, Dragan Anagioski.
Computer Center: Anita Milevska, Elizabeta Angjelova.
Finance: Zvonko Jankovski.
Bookstores Administration: Roseta Jankovska, Marija Mitic Dimitrova.
Bookstores sale: Katarina Jankovska, Maja Veleska, Snezana Tanevska, Sanja Nedeljcic, Marina Tsimburovska, Elena Dimitrieva, Tanja Rajevska, Teodora Jankovska, Frosina Zdraveska, Jelena Tasevska, Suzana Levajkovska , Maja Pešovska.

External quality associates from PMF, teachers and professors from primary and secondary schools from the country and abroad are also deserving of the quality of Trimaks products.

Publishing in cartography consists of: auto maps and auto atlases, city plans, tourist maps and guides, geographical atlases, school maps and aids, wall maps, etc. Electronic form of maps (vector and raster) or Web oriented. GIS and GPS application of maps.

Distribution of all devices and teaching materials to the schools in the subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Physical.

Career with Trimaks
Trimaks is constantly looking for creative and talented young people. Although at the moment we do not have open competition for job, we need to complement our base of potential employees. Therefore everyone who is interested in working in our points of sale – bookstores in Skopje, can send us their CV on the following email:


  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE  declares that the main goal of the management and the entire staff is to provide a quality service and product to its customers that meets all the normative requirements and is in accordance with their requirements, needs and expectations.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will continuously monitor the level of satisfaction of the clients and will study and fulfill their recommendations, requests and complaints in order to use them to improve the services and products offered.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE takes care of long-term and quality cooperation with all interested parties.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will take care of the continuous training and education of the employees as the main leverage of the Quality Management System.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will support the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2015
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is committed to identifying internal and external issues and expectations, as well as the risks and opportunities for continuous improvement of the quality of the services and products offered
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will strive to identify and eliminate all risks and disadvantages that can lead to loss of customer confidence and reduced profits.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE applies a process period to the creation and maintenance of the Quality Management System and for that purpose performs identification, planning, introduction, control and continuous improvement of all processes that have an impact on the quality of all services and products.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE guarantees to its clients correctness and maximum fulfillment of the undertaken commitments
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is committed to meeting the requirements of the legal regulations in the area of ​​protection of the working and the environment, as well as keeping the resources and investments in the best possible way.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is committed to identifying all aspects of the environment that are coming or can be reached and placing under control the significant aspects of the environment.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will constantly strive to improve its activities and services in accordance with the environment, by consistently respecting the laws, regulations and standards.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will make every effort to preserve the health and safety of all stakeholders in business activities.
  • TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is obligated to perform all activities in accordance with the relevant regulations and laws for protection of health and safety at work.

CEO Goran Dimitrov

Skopje, 04.03.2019